The Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallalahoalihiwasalam

Early Life

The birth place


The sacred father

The sacred mother of the Holy Prophet Sallalahoalihiwasalam

The blessed birth

Suckling days

Death of Grand Father

Sponsorship of Aboo Talib


Marriage to Hadrat Khadeejah R.A. (Radhi Allahoo Ta '-'Aala Ann-Haa)

The unique worship in the cave of Hira


The last Messenger of Allah

Decleration of Prophethood

The prayer

Commencement of preaching

The infidels' propaganda campaign against the Holy Prophet Sallalahoalihiwasalam

Preaching in National Festivals

Antagonism of the Quraysh

Hadhrat Bilaal R.A. (Radhi Allahoo Ta'Aala Un-Hoo)

Migration of early muslims to Habasha: Abyssinia: Ethiopia:

Embracing of Islaam by Hadhrat Ameer Hamza (R.A.)

Embracing of Islam by Hadhrat Omar the great (R.A.)

Death of Hadhrat Aboo Talib and Hadhrat Khadeeja Tull-Kuubraa (Allah is pleased with her)

Preaching in Taa-'ff

Imprisonment in Shebe Abee Talib

Islaam in Yathrab (Madina)


The migration of muslims and Hadhrat Omar to Madina


The Holy Prophet at Madinah

Migration of the Holy Prophet Sallalahoalihiwasalam

The Holy Prophet Sallalahoalihiwasalam leaves his house so dear

Departure from the cave

Arrival at the place, named Qabba

Entrance to Madinah

Hadhrat Ali R.A. joins

Arrival and masjid Nabawi foundations

Marriage with Hadhrat 'Ayishah (Allah is pleased with her)

The brotherhood ties of Mohajirs and Ansaars in Madina

Change of Qiblah

The war of Badr

The battle of Ohud (Ghazwa Ohud)

Other skirmishes, war of the trench, jewish confrontations

Quraan and the jewish community of Medina conspiring against the Holy Prophet


Islam to real success

The love of Worship in the Ka-'aaba

The well known miracle at Hodybia

Hudabia puzzle of the muslims and the exchange of emissaries

The negotiations

Rumour of murder of Hadhrat Othman and the Bayat (Pledge) of Ridhwaan

The Hudybia treaty as the first treaty in Islaam

The greatest victory is the peace treaty of Hudybia


Intercession (Shafaat Kariim Mustufa)

Different forms of intercession

Who else will perform intercession?


Parents of Muhammad Sallalahoalihiwasalam

Bringing his father and mother to life to believe in him, Bi Idhnillah


The Holy Prophet Sallalahoalihiwasalam hears from both afar and near

A few Hadiths about intercession