What is Sufism?

What is Sufism?
Sufism is the way of purifying the heart from bad manners and characteristics

How is Sufism related to Islam?
It is the path of spirituality that exists in Islam. Its meaning is:
  1. Seeking the pleasure of Allah
  2. Love and peace with one's self
  3. Harmony with all creations (mankind, animals, and nature)
  4. To be dressed with the beautiful attributes of Prophets and Saints

What does Islam mean?
Islam means submitting to Allah's Will and accepting that there is no deity Allah and Muhammad(peace and blessings upon him) is the Messenger of Allah, , as are Prophet Esa (alai-is-Salam), Moses(alai-is-Salam),  Abraham(alai-is-Salam),  Noah(alai-is-Salam),  and Adam(alai-is-Salam), peace be upon them all.

What is faith according to Islam?
Faith is believing in:
    • One Allah
    • In the existence of spiritual beings known as angels
    • In the revelations of Allah (the Testaments), the Psalms revealed to Prophet Daud (David) (alai-is-Salam), the Torah sent down to Prohet Moses(alai-is-Salam),  the New Testament brought to Prophet Esa(alai-is-Salam),  and the Last Testament, Qur'an brought to Muhammad (peace be upon him)
    • all the Prophets that were sent as mercy to mankind
    • The Judgement Day and Resurrection
    • The Divine Decree (destiny)