The miracle of the cave and the Deer

It is said that on one of Hazrat Sultan Bahu’s (RA) travels, which he so often took. Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) was accompanied by his attendant Sultan Naurang Khatran (RA), a dervish who was blessed with spiritual light by Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) himself.

His entire life had been spent in serving Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) and had accompanied him on many of his travels.

When they came up to the area of Kellar Kahar, a caller from a nearby village gave the message, of the approach of Ramadan.

Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) spent the entire month of Ramadan, meditating in an isolated cave in the mountains nearby. Drowned in the Ocean of Mercy and remembrance, the entire month of Ramadan passed without the intake of food on the part of the Saint.

The dervish who accompanied the Saint had received daily his food for `Sehri' and `Iftaar' miraculously by a deer which use to appear with the food tied on its horns. This event has been put into verse by Hazrat Naurang Khatran (RA), the attendant himself.

He says
"Strange and wondrous; my sight did witness
spectacle of Bahu,
Load of lover; carried on horns of a deer."

At the approach of Eid, a call was heard from the nearby village announcing the end of Ramadan.

Disturbed by the sound of drumbeats from the village, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) raised his head from meditation and asked his attendant as to what all the noise was about. Sultan Naurang Khatran (RA) replied "Hazrat, the Eid moon has been sited and you have been in a state of intoxication and annihilation in the remembrance of Allah for the entire month of Ramadan."

The Saint exclaimed: "What about my fast, salaat and tarawee for the month of Ramadan". It is narrated by his attendant that even with having being in a state of intoxication in the remembrance of Allah, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) performed all his qaza fasts and salaats. This is the state of the true friends of Allah, that they do not even for one moment leave aside the Sunna of the Holy Prophet (Peace be on him) or any other obligatory commands of the shari'a.

It is said that this episode of the cave is the only one time that Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) had been in a state of intoxication, otherwise his entire life had been spend in a state of self-control, so much so, that he did not miss even a single mustahab (recommended) act of the shari'a.

Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) completed his qaza fasts and salaats. It is narrated that thereafter the Saint made tawajju (gave spiritual attention) on the deer and it died. A grave was dug and the deer was buried nearby the cave in which the Saint had passed his month of Ramadan.

Very soon it became a very popular place of ziaarat (visit) and today people still visit this place known as `Ahu Bahu'. My grand sheikh, Hazrat Faqir Noor Muhammed Sarwari-Qaderi (RA), visited this place of ziaarat (visit) and reported that even today one can feel the spiritual light, radiance, brilliance and luminous, vibrational energy in the cave and surrounding has such a magnetic effect on the visitor, that any sincere seeker sitting in the cave in the remembrance of Allah experiences a state of illumination.