The crying baby


Once Sultan sahib was travelling through Dera Ghazi Khan with few dervishes and they came to a village near a town called Fatha Khan. The dervishes decided to have something to eat and have a little rest for a while.

They went to a house of a di (wet mother) and asked her to cook them some chapatis on the tandoor (oven). She replied that my daughter is suffering from eye infection and she is in great pain as you can see she doesn't stop crying. Sultan sahib told her not to worry and that he will look after her.

In the mean time the faqeers went to fetch some woods for fire and the lady was making the dough. The little girl was in the cradle and Sultan sahib was sitting by her and gave her one glance of zakir Ism Allah and she was engaged in such a ziker that her whole body was echoing with it. She was ceased crying .

When the mother didn't hear her baby crying she came running to the cradle and said oh old man what have you done to my baby, you haven't strangled her or killed her? Sultan sahib said! I haven't killed her but I have given her such a new life that she will for ever and she wouldn't need her cradle rocked.

When she lifted the sheet from the baby's face what she saw was strange. Her baby's face was shining and her whole body was echoing Allahho hoo and she was in state of intoxication. The mother was shocked and felt the effect of the sight her heart too start chanting ziker. She begged Sultan sahib for forgiveness for the remarks she made.

The news got around the village and who ever looked at her their heart would be livened with the ziker. She was known as Mi Fatima mastoin (intoxicated). Her shrine is famous as a living grave(term used for the mizars from where one gets instantaneous response and guidance of true path of Allah).