The Saints bounty on an orphan child

In his early years Hazrat Mohsin Sha (RA) lost his father. His upbringing was left to his mother. They passed their life in terrible need and poverty. In those days, their lived in Gotki a potter who had received `spiritual baraka' from Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA). The potters’ spiritual reputation soon followed him, wherever he went. After a while he settled in his hometown Gotki again. People began to gather to him.

One day the mother of little Mohsin also came up to the potter. She appealed to his good nature that the next time he went to see his Murshid (teacher) Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA), he should take her Mohsin with him and present Mohsin to Hazrat Sultan Ul ARIFIN (RA) with a message that the Saint should bless him, with spiritual insight and wisdom. Also that she has given Mohsin to him in the path of Allah.

So the next time the potter Faqir went to visit his Murshid, he took Mohsin with him and presented him to Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) with a message from the mother. With love the Saint, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) passed his blessed hands over the head of the orphan boy, telling the potter dervish to ask his mother, to enrol him in an institution of religious learning and that once he had completed his studies he should be brought back to him, (Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA)) to crown his inward, with spiritual illumination and to illuminate both his outward and inward.

The Saint sent a message to the mother that she should not worry, as her child was destined for greater heights.

The potter Faqir went back to Gotki and delivered the message of his teacher. Acting on the guidance of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA), the mother entered her son in an institution of learning. Completing his studies he was again sent with the potter dervish to the Saint for further polish as promised by the Saint himself.

No sooner had he reached the presence of the Sheikh, Mohsin went into overjoyed ecstasy at the sight of the Saint. With one look the Saint made him cross one spiritual path after the other, illuminating and transforming his personality. Mohsin's inward and outward became full up with the light of Allah. Very soon, through the blessings of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA), Mohsin Sha's fame spread far and wide as a Sufi of great repute and his person became an asylum to all and sundry.

Returning to Gotki, Hazrat Mohsin Shah (RA) chain of activities gained fame far and wide. Thousands of people repented at his hands and hurried to the path of righteousness under his guidance. He sat up a free public kitchen or alms house (`langarkhana') where countless of people satisfied their hunger. The public kitchen was spacious and widespread and free of wants. He had a generous breath of vision coupled with deep spiritual insight. It is said that nobody in the neighbourhood of Gotki challenged his decisions or acted opposing to the Islamic law. Even today the mosque build near his tomb stands as a reminder of his services to Islam and his tomb a reminder that here once ruled a Faqir of extraordinary qualities.