The Demise of the parents of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (R.A.)

Hazrat Bazid Muhammed (RA), the father of Hazrat Sultan Bahu passed away in Shorkhote, when Sultan Bahu (RA) was still a child. Hazrat Bazid was a Hafiz of the Quran and a Qari. A handwritten copy of the Quran written out by him, it was last seen in the family of Hazrat Sheikh Talha (RA). (They probably still have it in there possession). The darbaar of Hazrat Bazid Muhammed (RA) is in Shorkhote situated near the tomb of Sheikh Talha (RA). Hazrat Bibi Rasti (RA), the Saintly mother of Hazrat Sultan (RA) lived for many years after the passing away of her husband. When Sultan Bahu (RA) went to Delhi to meet Hazrat Sayyid Abdur-Rahman Qadiri (RA) in Delhi, Ma Bibi Rasti (The mother of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA)) was still alive. At that time Sultan Bahu (RA) was fourty years old. At many places in his writings he praises his Saintly mother asking Allah to bless her. In one of his Persian couplets, he refers to her devotion to truth as follows:

`Bliss of God for Rasti be
For with truth is gifted she'

There is a difference of opinion about the location of her tomb. Some say that her grave is in Bustan, district of Multan and that she lies buried there in a graveyard called Bibi Peer Sayyid Sahibaan. But most scholars are of the opinion that she lies buried besides her husband in Shorkhote. A mosque stands not too far away from the tomb. Further down East, at a large distance from their tomb, stands a rest house to accommodate the pilgrims who visit the town.