Metamorphic powers of invisibility

Hazrat Kaloo Shah (RA), the son of Hazrat Juneid Qureishi (RA) was a mureed of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA). One day, due to the pain of separation, love and desire he decided to visit his Sheikh Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA).

When he arrived at the Saints house, he heard the sound of a resounding `Hoo' coming from within the small chamber. He went inside to meet his Sheikh but there was no sign of Hazrat sultan Bahu (RA). Standing inside the chamber in wonderment, he heard the sound of a loud `Hoo' coming from outside the chamber. Sheikh Kaloo went outside again hoping to meet his Teacher but there was no sign of him. Every time he heard the `Hoo' he went inside or outside but still there was no sign of his Sheikh. Hazrat Kaloo Shah stood outside, confused and bewildered by the happening, at that moment he recited the following;

`Inside is Hoo -- outside is Hoo
Where is Sheikh Bahoo
The love of Hoo, the desire for Hoo
Has kindled my yearning for Hoo.'

Seeing the condition of his mureeds (disciples) bewilderment and shock, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) once again shows the caring and compassionate trait of his character. Reciting the following verse, the Saint shows his invisibility in a tractable manner and makes himself visible to Kaloo Shah.

[[`Wherever the Light of Hoo reflect
Runs darkness in despair
Oh Bahu! whosoever realizes Hoo
Both the worlds is his forever.']]
After removing the curtain of invisibility, the Saint blesses Kaloo Shah aplenty with his bounty and favour. Hazrat Kaloo Shah and his father Hazrat Juneid Qureishi (RA) are both buried at a place called Sarwarpur. (Munaqabi-Sultani)

Therefore, we have with us today, as witnesses, two of Hazrat Sultan Bahu's (RA) greatest miracles:

1) His tomb which is a beacon of light giving comfort to the broken hearted and seekers after truth.

2) Secondly his writings-his works which even today bear testimony to his greatness. Whosoever listens or studies his works is affected and transported into higher realms of spiritual truths. This miracle of his will remain forever -Insha Allah-ameen.