Hazrat Sultan Bahu (R.A.) and the Brahman physician

Whenever Hazrat Sultan Bahu's (RA) sight fell onto a non Muslim, they would involuntarily recite the Kalima, (the Islamic declaration of faith). This trait in the Saints character use to cause mayhem and worry among the common people.

One day the Saint fell ill, and the town physician (who was a Brahman) was called to attend to the Saint. Realising and knowing of this quality of Sultan Bahu (RA), the physician refused to go and attend to Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA).

The physician asked instead that they bring a sample of the Saints urine for diagnoses. The disciples/followers brought the urine in a bottle like container to the physician. On seeing the bottle the physician immediately recited the Kalima (declaration of Islamic faith). This well known and famous miracle is still talked about in the area, near and around.