Encounter with Sheer Shah Sahib


                   Hazrat Sultan Bahu was on another journey and was absorbed in zikr in a forest. There were some followers of Sheer Shah sahib collecting fire woods.

One of them came near Hazrat Sultan Bahu and gave his Asslam, Hazrat Sultan Bahu looked at him and answered him back. That persons heart started to perform zikr (the feeling is so sensational that one has to feel it themselves in order to find out).

He fell on the feet of Hazrat Sultan Bahu and started crying with joy of nonstop internal ziker. The other follower saw him crying and went over to find out why.

This follower also had a look from Hazrat Sultan Bahu and his heart started performing zikr and he too started crying at the feet of Hazrat Sultan Bahu. The third follower saw the state of his friends, he left the woods and ran back to report the matter to Sheer Shah Sahib. When Shah Sahib learned the fate of his two disciples he came to the spot where Hazrat Sultan Bahu was engaged in zikr. In the mean time Hazrat Sultan Bahu hid his spirituality.

                 Sheer Shah Sahib said to Hazrat Sultan Bahu "I don't know who you are, a magician or some fake; I will report you to the court of Rasool Allah (blessing and salutation be on him)." Hazrat Sultan Bahu replied that we will meet there and tomorrow we shell meet again.

When Sheer Shah Sahib entered the court of Rasool Allah (blessing and salutation be on him) he was observing everyone there but he was unable to see Hazrat Sultan Bahu. While he was looking for Hazrat Sultan Bahu, he saw a child coming out from sleeve of Rasool Allah's (blessing and salutation on him) sleeve and Rasool Allah's (blessing and salutation on him) kissed the child and passed over to ela a bait and companions (Allah be pleased with them) and further along to all those present in that meeting, eventually the child came to Sheer Shah Sahib and start playing with their beard and pulled two hairs from it.

Sheer Shah Sahib did not react because of the respect and dignity of Rasool Allah's (blessing and salutation on him). The child went back and disappeared in the sleeve of Rasool Allah's (blessing and salutation on him).

The next day Sheer Shah Sahib came up to Hazrat Sultan Bahu and said; "I told you that you are some fraud fake, I didn't see you at the court of Rasool Allah's (blessing and salutation on him) last night".

Hazrat Sultan Bahu replied "Shah Sahib how many witnesses are acceptable in the Islamic divine law". Shah Sahib said; "two". Hazrat Sultan Bahu presented him with the two hairs from Shah Sahib's beard and said to them that here are the witnesses.

Shah Sahib was embarrassed and apologized for his out burst. He further asked Hazrat Sultan Bahu to take him as a follower and to raise him further spiritual levels.

Hazrat Sultan Bahu granted him his wish and further told him that there are some high level in the court of Rasool Allah's (blessing and salutation on him), that all friends of Allah Almighty could not see them, that was the reason you was unable to see me.