Belief in the Day of Judgement (Qiyaamah)

point Qiyaamah is that day in which everybody and everything will die. At that time only Almighty Allah will be Living.
point Sayyiduna Israfeel (alayhis salaam) will blow the Sur (Horn). The sound will be so loud that everything will fall unconscious and die. After a while, even Sayyiduna Israfeel (alayhis salaam) will fall unconscious and die.
point The Sur (Horn) is a pipe that is shaped like the horn of an animal.
point When will Qiyaamah happen?
This is only known to Almighty Allah and what He has shown to His special servants. All we know is that Qiyaamah will fall on the 10th of Muharram and on a Friday or the Day of Jumma.
point Our Nabi Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has also shown us many signs which will occur before Qiyaamah and which will warn us that Qiyaamah is near. Some of these signs are:-

a. People will commit many sins.
b. People will do many Haraam things.
c. People will disrespect their parents.
d. People will follow the Kuffar more instead of the Muslims.
e. People will not be trustworthy. You will not be able to trust people.
f. Muslims will not want to give Zakaah.
g. Islamic knowledge will become less.
h. People will be very greedy and run after the worldly things.
i. Song and dance will become more common.
j. People will wish to live in big houses and ignore the poor people.
k. Foolish people will become leaders.
l. There will be many earthquakes and disasters around the world.
m. Men will dress like women and women will dress like men.

point When everything and everybody dies, Almighty Allah will make Sayyiduna Israfeel (alayhis salaam) come alive. Sayyiduna Israfeel (alayhis salaam) will blow the Sur again and everybody and everything will once more come to life.