Belief in questioning in the Qabar (Grave)


point A person is asked three (3) question in the Qabar (Grave) which are:
(A) MANN RABBUKA (Who is your Lord)? The answer to this question is: ALLAHU RABBI (Almighty Allah is my Lord).
(B) MAA DEENUKA (What is your religion)? The answer to this question is: DEENI AL ISLAM (My religion is Islam).
(C) MAAZAA TAQOOLU FI HAQQI HAAZAR RAJUL (What did you have to say about this man)? The answer to this question is: HUWA RASOOLULLAH (He is the Prophet of Almighty Allah). 

point All these answers will only be given by Muslims. While the Kuffar will not know any of the answers. The Kuffar will answer: "HA HA LAA ADRI" (Ah! What a pity I do not know).
point After these questions have been asked and answered, the Muslims will be rewarded by Almighty Allah, while the Angels of Almighty Allah will arrive to punish the Kuffar.