Belief in the Angels (Malaa'Ikah) of Almighty Allah

point Angels are the servants of Almighty Allah.
point They are made from "Noor" or "Light."
point They do not eat, drink or sleep like us.
point They are also "Masoom" or "sinless" like the Ambiya of Almighty Allah.
point They have been given many duties by Almighty Allah. For example:-
a. causing rain,
b. writing our daily actions,
c. attending Islamic functions like Zikr, Moulood-un-Nabi PBUH Urs Shareef,
d. sending Durood and Salaams upon our Nabi Muhammad PBUH
e. conveying our Durood and Salaams to our Nabi Muhammad PBUH
f. some are in the constant position of Sajdah, Ruku, and Qiyaam and are busy remembering Almighty Allah.
point The Malaa'ikah remember Almighty Allah all the time.
point There are millions of Angels. Only Almighty Allah knows how many Malaa'ikah there are. He has shown their exact numbers to his special servants like the Ambiya (Prophets) and Awliya (Saints) of Almighty Allah.

point There are four famous Angels:-
Sayyiduna Jibra'el (alayhis salaam) conveys Almighty Allah's Message to the Ambiya of Almighty Allah.
Sayyiduna Izra'el (alayhis salaam) takes away the "Rooh" or life of creatures.
Sayyiduna Mika'el (alayhis salaam) is in charge of food and controlling the seasons.
Sayyiduna Israfeel (alayhis salaam) will blow the "Sur" or "horn" on the Day of Qiyaamah.

point The names of a few more Angels are:

Kiraaman Khaatibeen: These Angels stay in the company of each person and record their deeds. The Angel on the right-hand records the person's good deeds. The Angel on the left-hand records the person's bad deeds.

Munkar and Nakeer: These Angels question a person in the Qabar (Grave).
Shahideen: These Angels spend all their time worshipping and praising Almighty Allah. In fact, every Angel is amongst the Shaahideen because every Angel worships and praises Almighty Allah all the time.
Ridwaan: The gate-keeper of Jannah (Paradise).
Maalik: Is in charge of Jahannam (Hell).