Belief in Almighty Allah

point"Tauheed" means the Oneness of Almighty Allah.
point Tauheed also tells us that everything on this earth is from One Creator, Almighty Allah.
point Bear in mind that Almighty Allah is the All Knowing, All Wise and All Powerful.
point He is Most Merciful and He is with us all the time. He Sees us but we do not see Him.
point Almighty Allah has neither a partner nor a son. He gives us life and takes it away and to Him we shall all return.
point When you read the Kalimah, you must believe in it with all your heart.
point A Muslim must firmly believe that there is only One Almighty Allah. He must clean his heart of all other thoughts.
point If we look at the world, we will see that everything is working or proceeding without any faults. This is because Almighty Allah is in full control of the whole world.
point If there is more than One Almighty Allah, which there can never be, there should be many problems around us. The sun, the moon, the stars and many things of nature will not operate in a proper manner.
point Everything in the world works according to the Commands of Almighty Allah.
point What happens when you believe in One Almighty Allah and believe that He is watching you all the time?

It creates in you self-respect and confidence.
It makes you humble and modest.
It makes you dutiful and upright.
It makes you brave and courageous.
It makes you strong and have patience in difficulties.
It makes you obey the Commands of Almighty Allah.

pointWe are Almighty Allah's servants, therefore, our actions and our Imaan (Beliefs) must be the same.