Belief in the friends of Almighty Allah (Awliya Allah)

point Almighty Allah sent His Ambiya (Prophets) to this world and show the people the "Siraatul Mustaqeem" or "The Straight Path."
point Almighty Allah also sends a special group of people whose duties are to guide the Muslims.
point This special group of people are called the "Awliya Allah" or the "Friends of Almighty Allah."
point A "Wali" or "Friend" of Allah strictly follows the Commands of Almighty Allah and lives the life as shown by our Nabi Muhammad PBUH .
point The Awliya Allah are protected by Almighty Allah at all times.
point There are many Awliya Allah in the world. Some have passed away while others are still alive.
point Because they are the special friends of Almighty Allah, we must try to follow what they have said, think about them, love and respect them.
point We must also visit the "Mazaars" or "Blessed Qabars" where these Awliya Allah are resting so that we can receive Almighty Allah's blessings.
point When you visit a Mazaar you must be at your best behaviour. You must not talk and play inside the Mazaar.
point You should recite the Holy Quran and send the Thawaab to the Wali that is buried there. You can also read the Tasbih, Durood Shareef, Naaths, Zikr and other Duas.
point There are Awliya Allah in nearly every country around the world - Arabia, Syria, Turkey, North Africa, India, Pakistan, China, Russia, and many other countries.
point Our Nabi MuhammadPBUH has said that: "In Shaam (Syria), there are 40 great Awliya (also known as Abdaal), and it is through the Barakah of these pious people that food and rain is received by all people."

point There are four famous "Silsilas" or "Orders" which we can follow. The names of their leaders are also stated:-
QAADERIYAH SILSILA: Shaikh Sayed Abdul Qaadir Jilaani رضي الله عنه
CHISTIYAH SILSILA: Shaikh Sayed Mo'inuddeen Hassan Sanjari رضي الله عنه
NAQSHBANDIYA SILSILA: Shaikh Sayed Bahaa'udeen Naqshbandi رضي الله عنه

SUHRWARDIYAH SILSILA: Shaikh Sayed Shahaabudeen Suharwardi رضي الله عنه

point In South Africa there are many famous Awliya Allah. To name but a few:
Shaikh Sayed Ahmed Badsha Peer رضي الله عنه- Brook Street Cemetery, Durban.
Shaikh Shah Ghoolam Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه- Riverside, Durban.
Shaikh Shah Goolam Hafiz Sufi (Bhai Jaan) رضي الله عنه - 45th Cutting, Sherwood, Durban.
Shaikh Yusuf رضي الله عنه- Faure, Cape Town
Shaikh Noor-um-Mubeen رضي الله عنه Cape Town
The Awliya have also been given many powers by Almighty Allah. They are able to perform miracles with the permission of Almighty Allah. Such miracles are called "Karaamat." The miracles of Ambiya are called "Mo'jiza." Our Nabi MuhammadPBUH  has said that: "The miracles of Awliya are valid and genuine."
We should ask Almighty Allah for whatever we desire by using the name of a certain Wali as a "Wasila" or "Medium" so that we will be able to receive Allah's reward.
If you hear a person speak bad things about a Wali, then you should keep away from that person. We should not show any disrespect towards a Wali.
On the Day of Qiyaamah, the Awliya Allah will be given a very great position by Almighty Allah. Through the Blessing and Permission of Almighty Allah they will also assist us.
All the Awliya Allah and Ambiya of Almighty Allah who have left this world are still alive, even though we cannot see them. This is so because Almighty Allah has made it Haraam upon the earth to touch the bodies of His special Servants.
The work of all the Awliya Allah are still continuing even though some of them have already left this world. The Imam Ahmed Raza Academy is also named after a great Wali whose name is Hadrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Al-Qaderi رضي الله عنه who is buried in Bareilly Shareef, India.